Little Green Explorers was set up in July 2019 with an aim of establishing a comprehensive all-in-one outdoor learning site for the UK. Forest schools, wildlife charities, smallholdings, farms, beach schools, national parks, voluntary groups and anyone who aims to connect children with the natural world is listed here.  In addition we pull together some of the best outdoor learning content and ideas from around the web and we write our own too…

My professional background is in media and digital marketing, but I have always been interested in the natural world and for the last six years I have been involved in the management of a community woodland near my home.

Little Green Explorers is a ‘little acorn’, but I have big plans for it. Please bear with us, we launch as version 1.0 with a lot of tweaking to do!


If you’d like to be involved or you want to share any idea please get in touch.